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June 2, 2008
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Vortian Race Designs by Balet Vortian Race Designs by Balet
These are the different races of Vortians.
Vortians and Invader Zim by Jhonen Vasquez.
Art by me.
Ideas by Posthumus and me.

EDIT: This is more popular than I thought it would be, so here's some information to go with it.

Thadrexians: The shortest Vortians with small, weak builds. They have unique stationary horns that are slightly transparent and the color of ivory. Thadrexians have low color pigmentation that causes the transparency, red eyes, and light skin. They often have visual impairments. They live in a cold region of Vort, but because they are not well suited to endure cold weather, they live in cities underground where temperatures are regulated. When they do go to the surface, they wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from snow blindness. Culturally, they tend to be traditional, perfectionists, and outspoken. Known as the complainers of the Vortian race, they have a bad reputation for being verbally combative and impossible to reason with. This OC is a pure Thadrexian:…… This OC is part Thadrexian and other part Feshorine:……

Vondrechians: Known as the nerdy thinkers of the Vortian race, Vondrechians are responsible for much of Vort's famous technology. Research Station 9 is located in their region (Vondrech). As is Research Station 69, but we won't talk about that here. They are said to be the least attractive race, especially in the case of females, with bulbous heads and small beady eyes. The eyes are usually green. Their antennae are long and floppy. They have more fat than other races to protect them from the cold weather in their region. They can also handle higher altitudes than other races. Overbites are a common genetic problem. In Vondrech, they have British-sounding accents. Their region mainly consists of cold high elevation climates, mostly rocky/icy mountains with fjords running through them. Culturally, Vondrechians highly value open-mindedness, learning for the sake of learning, and freedom of thoughts and ideas. They can be very eccentric about their ideas and also value unconventional thinking. Lard Nar is a Vondrechian. Prisoner 777 is Vondrechian and Phairidese.

Phairidese: Phairidese are known for representing the Vortian race. They occupy the largest region on Vort and hold the most political power. They value social intelligence, working smart instead of hard, confidence no matter what situation you're in, and sometimes unconventional methods of achieving goals. They may appear very civil when spoken to, but tend to keep their thoughts hidden. They can be very manipulative, though that doesn't mean they are bad. Phairid is well known for being home to the best schools in law and inter species communication (they usually take on most of Vort's ambassador jobs due to their social prowess). They are pink-skinned, usually have purple eyes, and short stationary horns. This OC is Phairidese:… Prisoner 777 is Vondrechian and Phairidese.

Avantese: Avantese have unique dark colored horns. Their skin is a dark gray and they usually have red eyes. Their region is up in the arid mountains and is near an active volcano, which they resent. They are descended from a group of Thadrexians who couldn't stand living in Thadrex because of the snow. They are the subject of everything from jokes and teasing to ridicule throughout Vort for their stupid decision to relocate from Thadrex to the opposite extreme climate, often considered the least intelligent of the races. This isn't the case, though. They are just very set once they make a decision, just like Thadrexians, and whine a lot.

Zondervanans: Zondervanans are a one of the more "bossy" races. They take an aggressive approach to hard work and hold their work in high regard. I don't remember a whole lot about what Posthumus wrote for them (have it all here, but I don't want to give out all the information because I don"t know what she'd be against being public). They are one of the newer races, though, descending from Feshorines and Vondrenchians.

Feshorines: Feshorines are the tallest and most purple of the races on Vort. They live in a warm, tropical climate on an island near the Endrans. They are known to have laid-back personalities and enjoy socializing and learning about others. They are thought to be the least self-centered people on Vort. Tourists enjoy visiting their region because of their hospitality. They have dark purple skin and darker purple or blue eyes. Their antennae are only slightly flexible and some individuals can't move them at all. This OC is part Feshorine:…… (top)

Endrans: Endrans are descended from the Feshorines. They are the only race with outward-splaying antennae and blue-tinted skin. They also have the largest eyes, which are oval-shaped and light blue. They live on the coast closest to the Feshorines.

Bashtylans: Bashtylans are descended from the Phairidese, but they share very little in common culturally. It is thought that they became a new race after some Phairidese left Phairid because they didn't like the values held there because Bashtylans tend to not get along with the Phairidese in modern day. Bashtylans are known to be sensitive introverted types. They have a reputation for being the flightiest people on Vort and cannot handle conflict. They are the subject of some ridicule for being the "pussies" of Vortians.

Shanxinans: The Shaynxinans are descended from Thadrexians and are very different from them. Unlike Thadrexians, Shaynxinans hardly complain. They are known for being overworked because they will not express their stress of pain. They are one of the hardiest races with few health problems and sturdy bodies. They can handle physical labor better than other races. They tend to have jobs in architecture and construction, household plumbing and wiring, and cooking. They are joked about on Vort for being too easygoing and willing to do anythinng they are told, although it often surprises people that this isn't true.

Note on possible additional races: =Dragonious pointed out some Vortian OCs with ram-like horns.… We made these races back in 2008 before there were many Vortian OCs, and I think it's in need of some additions and updates! If you guys express much interest in it, I'll do an improved chart with some additional races and better artwork.
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Teru-K Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've had my Vortians for a while, but now I've found this and it's really helpful for background development. Thanks for making it~ x3
Plac3b013 Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This is a great idea! Hey, you know what... I would love to use this idea to create a full biological and cultural reference on the Vortian race... of course you'd get the credit... If you have any questions, note me :)
(( Feel free as long as you make it clear which are your ideas and which came from this. Also credit posthumus. ^^ ))
Plac3b013 Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Ok, will do. Thx :)
Are all these Vortians designs canon? or did u made them up?

I J Signing Off.
Made them up.
What about one that has the horns curl around the head? Like a billy goats? example here :3…
That would be a good idea for an additional race. I made this back in 2008 and I don't think there were any OCs like that back then. =p 
XD well, the IZ fandom in general isnt that big nowadays either
Much bigger than it used to be. =p
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